OAL Freight Forwarding Sdn Bhd, can give you the best possible solution for your total transportation needs. We will provide and handle your clearance for both imported and exported freight with expert customs documentation and all transactions with Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore Customs concerning the entry and admissibility of merchandise. This includes classification and valuation, duties payment, taxes, or other charges assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise by reason of its importation, or the refund, exemption, and drawback.

With our expertise, your company can avoid unnecessary delays and penalties. Because we attend to your needs in a professional manner, you will save valuable time and reduce costs.

OAL Freight Forwarding able to handle domestic and international freight forwarding. Our staff will make sure that your shipments move where you want them to go and arrive when you need them to be there. You can rely on us for quick cargo processing. Through an extensive international network of agents.